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First Base is the kind of modern agency you want to work with. We take the guesswork out of your B2B content marketing strategy and deliver performance marketing programmes for brands that need results.

Modern marketing thrives on data, but it demands deep expertise and broad skill sets to succeed. Today’s over-marketed B2B buyers still need great content and precise targeting. Marketers look for predictable performance that scales for growth. Fortunately, First Base does both.


Get your strategy right and the rest will follow. We like to gain a deep understanding of your audience and unravel what truly matters to them.


Content marketing demands a value exchange - you have to offer your audence something helpful in order to earn a click.

Lead Generation

Delivering a constant stream of high-quality marketing leads (MQL's) can be a challenge for marketing teams, but it isn't impossible.


Ensuring the right audience actually see your content is as important as developing compelling content in the first place.


'Batch and blast' tactics have long since expired and relying on email alone is a fast way to go nowhere with your audience.


Good design does much more than just look pretty. It inspires emotion and thought, engaging your audience to drive action and decisions.


Digital capabilities combine social channels with marketing functions as a key part of your next generation marketing strategy.

Marketing Automation

The new age of marketing begins with technology. Connect multiple touch points and channels to build better customer and prospect relationships.

B2B Services

Award-winning, bullshit-free…

Our approach uses the best techniques from the B2B content marketing, demand generation, inbound and digital worlds. We consistently acquire targeted prospects into your marketing funnel, engage and qualify them through structured content and automation workflows to produce high quality leads. Our work has earned awards for our end-to-end B2B content marketing strategy, creative content, social media, inbound marketing and web design. Learn more about our approach and how we deliver insightful, exciting content marketing programmes for our B2B technology clients.

We want to make you smile

We work with large and small marketing teams on the most challenging of B2B marketing briefs, and we never come up short. We plan, we create, we launch, we analyse and we don't stop until you get where you want to be. If you're looking for an agency partner with intelligence, proactivity, pride and personality, then you can call off the search.

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