IP Solutions

IP Solutions began working with First Base in February 2017, with the goal of developing a more strategic and seamless sales process. This process would need to overcome a perceived issue whereby the marketing and sales teams effectively worked in silos, missing out on opportunities to nurture and convert leads.


First Base implemented a strategic programme that united the two teams from a technological perspective, and utilised content geared towards distinct personas to help nurture leads at all stages of the funnel.


The key objective of First Base’s programme was to integrate all phases of the customer journey into a strategic marketing pipeline. This meant installing a process that identified and nurtured Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), and giving IP Solutions’ sales teams the tools and content they needed to more accurately qualify leads and nurture them through their sales funnel.


This process involved creation of a lead development bridge between sales and marketing. In practice, this meant that as new leads arrived from marketing activities, they would be passed on to the lead development team for qualification before being handed to the senior sales team for conversion.


The key result of First Bases activity was to connect and close the loop between sales and marketing. Marketing activity could now be accurately attributed to successful lead generation, and prospects could be ascended up the sales cycle or descended for longer term nurture based on the data stored in HubSpot.


The use of such metrics across the process meant that First Base could be more granular and systematic in its approach, allowing the needs of prospective customers to be more accurately and contextually targeted with content.


Marketing Automation

Date published

16 January, 2018