Akkroo Case Study – HubSpot Lead Gen Marketing Programme

Akkroo, a lead capture solution for high-value events, worked with First Base to define and develop a strategic lead generation and nurture process to boost brand awareness and customer acquisition among high value B2B event exhibitors.

By consolidating Akkroo’s various marketing tools into HubSpot, developing a sales process tailored to a specific and well-defined market segment, and creating a set of content assets each addressing the needs of prospects at different funnel stages, First Base helped transform the company’s entire approach to marketing. Read how we did it here

IP Solutions Case Study – HubSpot Setup & Integration Programme

‘The creation of content that reflected the new brand personality’.

The key objective of First Base’s programme was to integrate all phases of the customer journey into a strategic marketing pipeline. This meant installing a process that identified and nurtured Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), and giving IP Solutions’ sales teams the tools and content they needed to more accurately qualify leads and nurture them through their sales funnel. As a result, First Base became an integral part of IP Solutions’ team in order to effectively deliver this process. Read the case study here

Abacus E-Media: Content Marketing For Lead Gen

Abacus is an award-winning provider of specialist software for content owners, publishers and member bodies. Its solutions enable these organisations to fulfil their digital strategy, adjust their business models and transition from largely print and offline operations into ‘digital-first’ businesses for their subscribers and members.

To exploit growing market demand for digitisation and to help expand into new vertical markets, Abacus needed better reach and engagement with the key decision-makers responsible for driving digital strategy within content businesses, in order to activate sales leads earlier in the buying cycle.

First Base developed a comprehensive content marketing strategy and programme for Abacus. Read it here