Akkroo Case Study – HubSpot Lead Gen Marketing Programme

Akkroo, a lead capture solution for high-value events, worked with First Base to define and develop a strategic lead generation and nurture process to boost brand awareness and customer acquisition among high value B2B event exhibitors.

By consolidating Akkroo’s various marketing tools into HubSpot, developing a sales process tailored to a specific and well-defined market segment, and creating a set of content assets each addressing the needs of prospects at different funnel stages, First Base helped transform the company’s entire approach to marketing. Read how we did it here

IP Solutions Case Study – HubSpot Setup & Integration Programme

‘The creation of content that reflected the new brand personality’.

The key objective of First Base’s programme was to integrate all phases of the customer journey into a strategic marketing pipeline. This meant installing a process that identified and nurtured Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), and giving IP Solutions’ sales teams the tools and content they needed to more accurately qualify leads and nurture them through their sales funnel. As a result, First Base became an integral part of IP Solutions’ team in order to effectively deliver this process. Read the case study here

Cloud cover in Europe

Where are the hottest data centre locations in Europe? find out with our infographic for Equinix – Click here

Interxion – At the heart of European liquidity

To support their calendar of events for 2016/17, Data Centre provider Interxion needed to make sure their brand presence was on point and the message to their customers was clear and concise – See our designs here



The Evolution Of Intelligence Led Cyber Security

The evolution of intelligence led cyber security from inception to future possibilities. See our infographic for cyber security specialists Secure Data – The Science Of Cyber Security

The Hidden Costs of Board Books: Time, money & security

Brainloop reveals the avoidable risk and cost of printed board meeting materials. See our infographic

Thrive during the 9-5

Efficiency is a quality all successful financial directors share. Yet most can still find themselves working alone in the office come 7pm. This doesn’t have to be the case.

In the following, we use the example of eXchequer365 user – Andrew – to demonstrate how their app enables FDs to tackle their to do list on the move and enhance their chances of heading home when the clock strikes five. Download the infographic

Instant Upright Product Marketing

Instant HD is at the forefront of design in modular scaffolding systems, and it’s new product launch demanded the same level of marketing to match it’s lightweight, strong and durable credentials.

Instant HD is the system of choice in heavy-duty applications where safety, speed and versatility are paramount. It’s patented Cold-Form jointing process is a technological advancement on Instant Uprights original Rib-Grip jointing system successfully used for over 50 years.

First Base were delighted to be a part of the product launch and to be given the chance to create marketing collateral to match the product – Heavy Duty Modular Aluminium Scaffolding System

B2B Content Marketing In Action

Welcome to the first edition of the First Base lookbook. We want to inspire your thinking for new possibilities in content marketing.

Flick on to treat your creative brain to the glitz and glamour of some of our recent content-driven B2B campaigns and indulge your rational mind in understanding how it all worked – First Base Lookbook

The journey from data centre to IT service centre

How to make the transition to the cloud for enterprise, public sector and service provider by following Cisco Domain 10 – the comprehensive ten step framework to successful data centre transformation and guiding new initiatives including cloud, virtual desktop, application migration and data centre consolidation. Download the infographic here