Cloud cover in Europe

Where are the hottest data centre locations in Europe? find out with our infographic for Equinix – Click here

The Evolution Of Intelligence Led Cyber Security

The evolution of intelligence led cyber security from inception to future possibilities. See our infographic for cyber security specialists Secure Data – The Science Of Cyber Security

The Hidden Costs of Board Books: Time, money & security

Brainloop reveals the avoidable risk and cost of printed board meeting materials. See our infographic

Thrive during the 9-5

Efficiency is a quality all successful financial directors share. Yet most can still find themselves working alone in the office come 7pm. This doesn’t have to be the case.

In the following, we use the example of eXchequer365 user – Andrew – to demonstrate how their app enables FDs to tackle their to do list on the move and enhance their chances of heading home when the clock strikes five. Download the infographic

The journey from data centre to IT service centre

How to make the transition to the cloud for enterprise, public sector and service provider by following Cisco Domain 10 – the comprehensive ten step framework to successful data centre transformation and guiding new initiatives including cloud, virtual desktop, application migration and data centre consolidation. Download the infographic here

Marketing Automation: The customer journey

As a demand generation agency, marketing automation is a subject close to our hearts. We’ve put together a useful infographic that takes a look at the customer journey in terms of both prospect and customer engagement. Take a look here

GenY: An A-Z

Check out our A-Z GenY infographic for Incite, the strategic research consultancy. Download it here

Internet of Things Infographic

The Internet of Things is the network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with their internal states or the external environment. Our infographic for Advantage looks at this in greater detail – Download it here

Gartner Symposium/ ITXPO Barcelona

See the top trends, topics and influencers from the 2014 European ITxpo event as told through social media users with our Equinox infographic – Download here