What Type Of Cloud User Are You?

What do CIOs and IT decision-makers need to build and execute on Hybrid Cloud strategy?

CIOs and IT decision-makers love the promise of Hybrid Cloud. However, many have yet to make it a reality. Those whose organisation has already embarked on Hybrid Cloud deployments have experienced mixed results, creating a ‘trough of disillusionment’.

To delve deeper into the challenges they face, The Bunker commissioned Vanson Bourne to interview 100 IT decision makers from private enterprise organisations (1,000+ employees) in the UK about the types of applications and data they’re migrating to Cloud Infrastructure, their successes and failures thus far, and to gauge how achievable Hybrid Cloud strategy is for their business today.

The results provide compelling insight – Completing The Hybrid Cloud Puzzle

The Business Case For Managed Next Gen Firewall

The Security landscape is constantly evolving with threats becoming more sophisticated and targeted. With the rise of apps, mobility and cloud computing your security needs are ever changing. It’s no surprise that your rst and best line of defence – your rewall – should always be evolving as well to keep up with emerging threats and attack vectors.

Read the six reasons why IT decision makers should sit up and take notice – Business Report

State Of Inbound 2017

The majority of marketers today focus on converting leads into customers and growing traffic to their website. There’s also strong focus on upselling existing customers.

Historically considered a cost center for businesses, Marketing is now measured against its ability to contribute to the business’s bottom line. Over the years, proving marketing ROI has consistently been a challenge for marketers. A marketer surveyed wrote that planning campaigns holistically enabled them to measure ROI: “Proactive strategic planning results in measurable activities for ROI”.

This year’s State Of Inbound report gives you the data you need to benchmark your activities against HubSpots 6,000+ respondents while also giving you insight to plan your future marketing and sales strategies. Download the full report here – State of Inbound 2017